Packer Template: Amazon EC2 Ubuntu AMI with Latest NGINX

Build automation is a foundational concept within the culture of Continuous Delivey and DevOps. Implementing a successful build automation strategy can dramatically improve product quality and produce time savings in several areas. Packer is a powerful build automation tool that is relatively simple to integrate with your team’s workflow. The official website describes packer as follows: Packer is an open source tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.... Read More

Create a Shell Script to Install NGINX from Source On Ubuntu

Why would you want to install NGINX from source code rather than a pre-built package? The most important reason is that the libraries which NGINX depends on (PCRE, zlib, OpenSSL) are part of the pre-built package, and building from source allows you to use the latest versions which may contain vital security patches. For instance, you will find that the version of NGINX available through your package manager is several major versions behind the current mainline.... Read More