How to Optimize Performance of Windows 10 and Visual Studio in VMWare Fusion

The majority of my work consists of C#/.NET development, and Visual Studio+ReSharper is my preferred IDE. Since I’m a Mac user, I run VS on a Windows 10 instance with VMWare Fusion. For the first month or so everything ran smoothly. However, the performance of the VM degraded significantly over time, especially with multiple Visual Studio projects open in the VM and resource-hungry programs running on the Mac simultaneously.... Read More

Create a Shell Script to Install NGINX from Source On Ubuntu

Why would you want to install NGINX from source code rather than a pre-built package? The most important reason is that the libraries which NGINX depends on (PCRE, zlib, OpenSSL) are part of the pre-built package, and building from source allows you to use the latest versions which may contain vital security patches. For instance, you will find that the version of NGINX available through your package manager is several major versions behind the current mainline.... Read More

Casting and Type Conversion Best Practices in C#

Type casting or type converting is a common occurrance in C#, and as the language has evolved new methods and operators have been introduced that handle type conversion in varying ways. Over the years, I have built up my own set of best practices and decided to get them out of my head with the goal of soliciting feedback and hopefully refining them further. Before laying them out, I’ll cover the basics of type casting and type conversion in C#.... Read More

Cost Estimates for Hosting Small, Medium and Large Websites with AWS

In previous posts, I provided an overview of what the AWS Free Usage Tier contains and some basic guidelines for avoiding overage charges while using the free tier to host a small website. In this post, I will explore the different pricing models that Amazon offers for EC2 and RDS instances and estimate the cost to host four different website configurations for one year. I decided to gather this data in order to answer the following questions: What amount should I expect to pay to host my website with the same AWS instances when I’m no longer eligible for the free usage tier?... Read More