The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

When I began learning about DevOps software and processes, it seemed like there were numerous tools that accomplished the same task, or nearly the same task without a clear consensus opinion on the best toolchain and workflow. I quickly discovered that there isn’t a single, correct answer, mostly due to the nature of open-source software. The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is a crowdsourced website that nicely illustrates the current landscape:

Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

Figure 1 - Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

Anyone can cast votes for their favorite set of tools or recommend a tool that isn’t listed in the table, and the table is regularly updated to reflect changes in the vote total. There are several interesting discussions in the comments below the table regarding the website’s methodology, which helped me understand how various tools are related to one another and which are highly-regarded within each category. Also, each tool is labeled according to it’s pricing model (Open Source, Free, Fremium, Paid, Enterprise). It’s hard to miss the fact that the majority of DevOps tools are Open Source or Free software.